What is Social Bookmarking?

Ever sit down to a computer and realize your bookmarks are on some other computer. You gasp and realize you don't even know the name of the site to even "Google" it! Social bookmarking to the rescue. All your bookmarks now can reside on the Internet. They are no longer tied to the hard drive of your computer. Not only will your bookmarks be with you on any computer, in any place or time, you now have access to all the other users using the same social bookmarking service. It's almost like having someone else do the research for you.

In the Classroom

Create a social bookmarking site for your classroom. When students are doing a project, you can have sites located and organized by reading level. You can have sites tagged with keywords for parents as well. Every site that is bookmarked will be accessible to every student from your classroom, the library, the computer lab, their home, even their cellphone; any Internet connected device.

Social Bookmarking Tools and Resources

- Information on many of the Delicious features from Matthew Tommasi
Delicious overview - video overview of using Delicious
Step-by-step video to setup and use Delicious
The Diigo Help site has multiple Flash tutorials on various features.
Diigo for Educators - Information on setting up an account for educators
A videogiving instructions to students for an assignment using Diigo
Student Research - An Illuminate session of a long conversation of how to use Diigo for student research.
A blog post by Kristin Hokanson highlingting sdome of the differences between Diigo and Delicious
Example of a rubric for Delicious bookmarks

Overview of the power of Diigo

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