Photo Story 3 Help Videos

These videos will provide step-by-step directions for creating a movie with Photo Story 3 for Windows.

  1. The first thing you will want to do is create a narration script for your digital story. You may want to simply write the text first and then find images to support or enhance the narration. Digital Story Script Template.doc How to create a narration script or storyboard.-
    1. Download Photo Story 3 for Windows
    2. iMovie08-PhotoStory.pdf - iMovie tutorial that compares iMovie features to PhotoStory3
  2. Once the program is downloaded you are ready to create your digital story.
    1. Step 1: Importing images
    2. Step 2: Creating a title slide and recording narration
    3. Step 3: Customize motion - controlling the pan and zoom feature
    4. Step 4: Selecting or importing music
    5. Step 4 again: New linkfor selecting or importing music.
      1. Copyright free music is available from Freeplay Music or 4shared
    6. Step 5: Saving your digital story as a .wmv file.
  3. A text tutorial for Photo Story 3 - This has more information than you may need, but you will find the majority of it very useful. The first 2 pages are important to everyone. Pages 3-6 include information you may not need:removing black borders, cropping and customizing images, transitions and customizing the mic for Windows 98. The remaining document should be helpful.