The tools found on this page can serve a variety of purposed, from class collaboration projects to individual or small group digital stories, even motivational tools for instructional purposes.


VoiceThread is a free web-based application. The standard free account is limited to a three Thread limit. However, teachers can easily apply for a free “pro” account, gaining access to the several pro account features. Teachers can add identities for each individual students, but all users, teacher and students alike, share one account and one password. To help maintain anonymity, students can upload a picture or avatar as a representation. (More information on educator pro accounts)

VoiceThread Examples

VoiceThread Resources


If the glog is too small for you to read, click for Tony Vincent's full-sized version.

Glogster is another free web-based application. Users can create interactive, virtual posters. With a Glogster account for Educators, teachers can create up to 200 student accounts which are all linked together. Special controls and permissions apply to only those students in this teacher created group.

Glogster Examples
An historical timeliine - Niel Stephenson explains this assignment on his blog
A Country Divided - 5th grade students created a Civil War wiki. Each student created a Glog to display their work
Causes of the American Revolution
Abraham Lincoln's Bicentennial
Harriet Tubman
Civil War Sallie
Women's Rights
Civil Rights Movement
The Great Depression
Greetings from the World - Students from around the world created Glogs to show their perspective of their country. Winner of the Best Educational Wiki
Environmental Heroes - Several versions for various environmental heroes including Theodore Roosevelt
Irish Immigration
A glog timeline of events
Using Glogster as an assignment sheet

Glogster Resources
Glogster for Educators
A video tutorial of all the features of Glogster

Another printable tutorial for Glogster
LibGuide for Glogster

Voki Resources

Create your own Voki
Avitars in Education - Some ideas and resource for using Vokis
A Voki Tutorial
LibGuide - How to create and embed a Voki
Voki Lesson Plan Database

Voki Examples
Chatting with George Washington - Students answer interview questions posing as George Washington
Biography - Third grade examples
War of 1812 - Eighth grade examples

Animoto for Education

Animoto puts images to music. No two combinations are the same. Create your own Animoto productions
Civil Rights Animotos - Seventh grade examples


Make a still image talk with Blabberize
A Blabberize tutorial to help you create a Blabber

Blabberize Example
Historical quotes - A movie made with Blabberize figures
George Washington

Morfo is an iPad app similar to Blabberize,
Historical perspectives made with Morfo

Museum Box

Museum box enables students to gather a collection of artifacts, media clips, and text to "build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box." You can browse through a collection of museum boxes others have built.
Australia - How the transportation of convicts shaped Australia
Cube Creator - An alternative for Museum Box


Mixbookallows users to create a very visually appealing book with images and text. What sets it apart is the ability for multiple users to collaborate on the same book. There is a special version for educators.
Famous Americans

Mixbook Examples
Kids for Kenya
Famous Americans
Treatment of the Jews by the Nazis


Photo Peach for educators has 2 tracks, image and music, with caption overlays. It also has the capability of embedding quiz questions along the way.
PhotoPeach tutorial - Teacher explains how to use PhotoPeach to her students.

Photo Peach Examples
On behalf of others: You don't always have a choice - homelessness
American Presidents- a quiz


Themeefy - Personalize your own multimedia magazine
Themeefy tutorial
Martin Luther King Day


Thinglink allows you to add hot spots to an image to make it interactive. Click on a hot spot and learn more about the subject of hte image
Thinglink tutorial
Thinglink blog
Thinglink Teacher Challenge - An online professional development opportunity for teachers during Summer 2014. See the products they created over the 10 week course.

Thinglink Examples
Social studies vocabulary words
Apollo 11
Interactive maps on Padlet
Mouse over the image below to activate the Hot Spots and learn about Lincoln
original source
Thomas Jefferson in Monticello

A Thinglink on digital citizenship - original source


ZooBurst - Build 3D pop-up books
The Presidents
The Battle of Fort William Henry

Comic Master

Comic Master - Create a graphic novel


Create word clouds using Wordle
Wordle Tutorial
Wordle Educational Uses

Add a shape to your word cloud with Tagxedo

Wordle Examples
US Constitution
Comparison of Presidential Inaugural Addresses
Guess Today's Wordle - Just an example of how you can use Wordle to create puzzles for your students


Go!Animate - Create easy drag and drop videos

Go!Animate Example
Thirteen original colonies
Visit the Mayan culture as some 7th graders take you on a tour
More examples from this class
The Great Compromise
An interview with Thomas Edison


Create 3D animations with xtranormal.
xtranormal tutorial
LibGuide - How to create an xtranormal

Example: Facts about hunger in children

Try it
Mouse over the picture to activate the hot spots and learn about Lincoln.
original source


Tiki Toki - Create an interactive timeline. Free account allows one timeline. Paid education account ($100 per yr.) allows for 50 individual student accounts, collaboration & files to be embedded
xtimeline - Create a multimedia timeline. Collaboration is possible.
Dipity - An interactive timeline tool
My Histro - Integrates with Google Maps
Joyce Valenza's list of timeline tools

Timeline Examples

The Fight for Democracy in the Middle East
Copyright Law
Sojourner Truth
Abraham Lincoln
Apollo Timeline
Civil War Timeline
World War II
History of Idaho
Pages of My Histro Examples
Road to Revolution - Timetoast


Meograph - Create interactive timelines that tell a story

Original source
The Constitution

Meograph Tutorial

Other Ideas to Try

Trading Card Creator - Have students create trading cards for historical figures.