What is Digital Storytelling?

"Digital Storytelling takes the ancient art of oral storytelling and engages a palette of technical tools to weave personal tales using images, graphics, music and sound mixed together with the author's own story voice. Digital storytelling is an emerging art form of personal, heartful expression that enables individuals and communities to reclaim their personal cultures while exploring their artistic creativity. While the heart and power of the digital story is shaping a personal digital story about self, family, ideas, or experiences, the technology tools also invite writers and artists to think and invent new types of communication outside the realm of traditional linear narratives." Bernajean Porter in the content of your page here.

Why Digital Stories and Storytelling?

"Digital Storytelling uses digital media to create media-rich stories to tell, to share, and to preserve. Digital stories derive their power through weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, and insights. The digital environment provides a unique opportunity for stories to be manipulated, combined and connected to other stories in an interactive, and transformative process that empowers the author and invests the notion of storytelling with new meaning. Using the internet, and other emerging forms of distribution, these stories provide a catalyst for creating communities of common concern on a global scale." Digital Storytelling Association

Educational Use for Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Resources


Other Tools

There are many other tools that can be used to create alternate forms of digital stories. You will find information, including tutorials and examples, on many of these tools on the Multipurpose, Multimedia page of this wiki.

Resources - Copyright & Assessment

You will find resources to help construct your digital story on the Additional Resources page of this wiki.

Common Craft

Make a Common Craft Video of a historic event.