Visual Tools

These particular Web 2.0 tools can help with collecting, modifying, and accessing images to use in variety of projects.

Primary Source Images

Visual Collaboration

Skype in the classroom
  • Skpe - Skype is a free telephone service that lets you talk, conference call, as well as share files and hyperlinks; and if you have a webcam, you can see who you're calling anywhere in the world! Connect with another classroom or invite a guest speaker or expert to share their experience and knowledge with your students.
  • Let Vicki Davis tell you how she uses Skype in her classroom
  • Vicki's video tutorial to establish a Skype account.
  • These elementary teachers explain how and why they use Skype
  • 50 ways to use Skype in the classroom
  • See how Terry Smith's 4th grade class is using Skype

  • Creative Commons - Search for copyright-free images to use in publicly posted projects.
  • Flickr - A repository for images; set up an account, private or public, for class event photos that students can access and use in their projects
  • Flickr Storm- Use the advanced search feature to control your search for image copyright restrictions
  • Flickrcc- Search for images requiring only attribution or those for commercial purposes. Find an image you like and Flickrcc will bring it into Picnikwhere you can manipulate it
  • Compfight - Search options for commercial, original, and safe searches; quick results with a great display
  • Behold- A quick search tool for Creative Commons
  • Suzi Vesper's tutorial for Flickr
  • Making Sense of Evidence - This site provides strategies and interactive activities to help students better utilize primary sources
  • Social Studies Central - Glenn Wiebe's list of primary sources; an impressive list
  • SchoolTube and TeacherTube - for videos that can be embedded into websites, Glogster, wikis, and blogs
  • Idee Labs - Search for images by color or tags


Auditory Tools

Many Web 2.0 tools have the option of adding a voice or music element. If you can add custom voice or music, you may find these resources helpful.

Freeplay Music - This is the place for royalty-free music. You can select music files based on a style or feel. Music pieces come in various sized files.

  • Audacity- Download this free tool to create your own voice recordings. You will also need to download Lameto turn Audacity files into MP3s. These instructionsexplain how to install Lame
  • Audacity tutorials from their site
  • Video tutorial for Audacity
  • Use Skypeto record podcasts of conversations. Read about a recorded chat with Cynthia Leitch Smith, author of Rain Is Not My Indian Name


Showcase and Share

Along with many of the tools already suggested in this wiki, these tools can help you to showcase some student projects. Create slide shows with or without animation that can be embedded into wikis or blogs. They can even be used as a "preview," a shorter version of the full sized project.

Slide Share - Upload PowerPoint presentations
  • Teacher Example - "A Day In The Life Of A Student Julies Version" (First grade)
Rock You
Spresent- Create Flash presentations online

Animoto for Education - Create different slide show to music every time!